Money Saving Tips When Planning A Wedding:

Money Saving Tips When Planning A Wedding:

Weddings are romantic and something that every engaged couple should look forward to. But what is more important is to not just focus on the wedding but the life that you will have after the ceremony. Nowadays, it is no longer practical to spend a lot of money on your wedding day unless you can really afford to splurge on it. So here are some tips that you can apply on your wedding preparations without the fear of breaking the bank. 

1.) Do not spend too much on clothes – 

Made to order gowns and tuxedos are quite expensive especially designer labels. You and your partner can save thousands of dollars by choosing samples of  simple lace wedding dresses and tuxedos in local shops. Always remember that you will only be wearing the gown only once in your lifetime, except for the tux that can be worn in other occasions.You can take your time doing your shopping until you have chosen the right clothes to wear on your wedding day.

Pay a visit to some of the formal boutiques Sydney CBD within your area and check out if they have something to offer you.Aside from buying sale items you might also consider second hand gowns or borrowing it from someone close to you. This idea may not be for everyone bit it can really help you save a lot of money just in case.

2.) Make your own wedding invitations and giveaways – 

If your wedding is scheduled within the next six to nine months from now then you still have enough time to make your invitations and giveaways. You can look for samples in the internet and watch several tutorial videos online so you will have an idea on what to do, what materials to purchase and of course how to get started. You can even ask help from family and friends to get things done at a faster rate.

3.) Try doing a non-traditional wedding ceremony for a change –

 Getting married in a church and choosing an exclusive place for the after party can be quite expensive especially during peak seasons. If you really want your wedding to push through you can get married during off peak seasons. At the same time you can look for cheaper venues instead. For instance you can have a garden wedding or a beach wedding. Or you might also want to consider renting an events place  during off peak season where you can have your wedding ceremony and party at the same time.