A New Method To Treasure Your Departed Relatives

A New Method To Treasure Your Departed Relatives

The loss of someone very close to you, be it a family member or one of your best friends, can be a very difficult thing to bear. Knowing that someone is gone forever, never to be seen again is not something that you easily ignore to get on with your life. It can take several months or years to fully recover, and even then you will definitely be longing to see your dead relative once in a while, impossible as it may be.

People do try to do many things to at least keep a memory of long lost relatives. Often times, we hold on to items that originally belonged to said person as a token of remembrance. Items such as pocket watches, knitting tools and ornaments are some examples of such items, even though pretty much anything could be used. In some countries, it is common practice to keep the burnt ashes of departed people, and families may even pass these remains to older generations for safe keeping. Recently, more people have turned to turning the bodies of their dead relatives to ashes. But contrary to traditional practices, these ashes are used in different ways: thrown into the sea or into space, scattered beneath an old tree or even embedded into vinyl records. But have you heard about the practice of turning ashes to diamond cost?

While this may sound like something out of a science fiction movie or anything outrageous like that, this is a practice that is doable in the real world. By using cremated ashes from people, it is possible to turn them into small diamonds by the means of some complex techniques. This often requires the ashes to be subjected to extreme heat and pressure for a few months at the very least, simulating conditions similar to what could be experienced deep beneath the earth’s crust. This practice of converting ashes to diamond is not too dissimilar to the process used to manufacture synthetic diamonds out of other carbon containing materials.

The resulting diamonds are usually coloured with a tone of blue, which can be explained by the presence of trace amounts of boron inside our bodies. Nevertheless, there can be instances of diamonds popping out with different colourations, such as white, black or yellow, based on the different trace amounts that can be found in the bodies of different people. Regardless of the colour, once the diamond has been obtained, it then undergoes the cutting, polishing and other processes which are common to all valuable stones in order to cut it into the desired shape. It is then embedded in jewellery or the desired ornament.